Permanent Retainer

Retain Your Brand New Smile With a Permanent Retainer

Orthodontic treatment with traditional braces or Invisalign clear aligners will create a beautiful smile, but wearing removable or permanent retainers afterwards is what maintains and protects the smile into the future. Retainers play a vital role to maintain the success of orthodontic treatment over the long term. In fact, they’re equally as important as the orthodontic treatment itself!

What is a Permanent Retainer?

A permanent retainer is an orthodontic appliance designed to help teeth retain at their new position. It is used after a braces removal when your teeth are nicely aligned. Your teeth move throughout your life and without a retainer, the teeth will shift again So, a permanent retainer keep them in position and helps prevent issues such as gaping or crowding.

A permanent or fixed retainer is bonded behind the lower front teeth because they’re more likely to shift over time due to their smaller foundations.

Importance of a Permanent Retainer

Permanent retainers are orthodontic appliances that are designed to hold the teeth in their new positions after orthodontic treatment. It is important to understand that it takes time for your teeth to get permanently fixed at their new position after braces are removed. Some minor post-treatment changes to your bite and tooth alignment are normal, but to avoid any noticeable change you need wear a retainer it also ensures that your teeth stay healthy and straight for years to come.

Permanent retainers are important because if you have removable retainers you will be responsible to wear them as instructed by your orthodontist in Colorado. If you lose your removable retainers, there will be a cost to get the new ones and you will also have to take a good care of them to keep them clean and hygienic.

Life with a Permanent Retainer

The last thing that you want, after months of wearing braces, is to worry about losing your beautiful smile to tooth movement. To avoid such thing, your orthodontist in Colorado might recommend wearing a permanent retainer. Let’s have a look at how your life will be with permanent retainer and what you should do to have a smooth daily routine.

Focus on hygiene

A permanent retainer can be a food trap; therefore, it should be brushed at least twice daily, and flossed once a day. Your orthodontist in Colorado will demonstrate how to do this properly on the day when your retainer bonded.

Protect it from damage

Just like any types of braces, permanent retainers can also break if you chew something hard, or if you pick it with your finger nails, toothpicks etc. Therefore, be careful with what you eat, and if possible, avoid foods that could potentially break or distort the retainer wire.

Call your orthodontist in Colorado if something does not feel right

If your permanent retainer feels loose, or if you find something sharp in your mouth, contact Orthodontic Experts of Colorado immediately.

See your Orthodontist regularly

It is important to visit your orthodontist in Colorado for regular retainer checkups. Your orthodontist will examine and tell you if your permanent retainer is still functional, or if it needs to be repaired or replaced.

Cost of a Permanent Retainer

The average cost of a permanent retainer is around $1,000 for both the upper and lower teeth, but it may range between $600 and $2,100. There is no risk of loss and damage because they’re bonded permanently to the backside of the teeth, unlike other types of retainers.

Talk to our Orthodontist in Colorado

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