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Teeth straightening, teeth alignment, and creating a beautiful smile is something orthodontic experts is skilled at. We are a professional orthodontist in Monument Co who treats you and your child in a friendly, high-tech and excellent environment where treatment is provided to each patient with no difference in age.  Be it is about you or your child; we guarantee that our Orthodontist Monument, Co will provide satisfactory services to everyone.

We are not only expert in old methods of tooth correction such as traditional metal braces in monument co but we keep abreast of all latest technologies and make all treatments possible as effortless and efficient as possible. We are a team of expert, well-disciplined dentists who’ve completed additional two to three years of full time training and specialized orthodontic education and certified members of board which means when you consult with our best orthodontist in monument co, you are in safest hands and receive treatment which is latest and suitable according to your needs, budget and personality. Our team can advise you on full range of orthodontic treatment options including braces and Invisalign so you can choose one that suits most to your personality.

Types of Orthodontic treatment in monument Co

Medically, a child is required to see a doctor at age of 7 to identify any potential risks of tooth loss or misalignment and any resultant issues and advising a timely proper solution for them. Braces is usually the first word that comes into the mind of most of people when it is about correcting any teeth issue.

Our best orthodontist in colorado springs near monument co offers not only braces in monument co, but also provides clear methods of Iconix and Invisalign in monument Co to make treatment as comfortable and aesthetically suitable to personalities as possible.

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Braces are still trusted

Traditional metal braces monument, Co are still most trusted method for correcting most of dental issues with optimal results. These are made from metal braces and specially advisable for kids due to its most efficient and accurate way of moving teeth. However, now it gives all kids an option to customize color of their braces with their personal favorite colors and shades.

Set your smile straight with Invisalign

If you do not want an obvious metal to be fixed in your mouth or just cannot withstand the unpleasant look of those metallic braces, Invisalign treatment in monument, Co can save you from all this trouble. You can get perfect teeth without worrying about broken brackets or wires stabbing into your gums. Unlike braces, this treatment method involves a series of clear aligners that are comfortable to wear, removable and also invisible.

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Finances should never be a problem!

We take great care about customizing financial plans for our patients so you don’t need to worry. We also accept all major insurance plans and discuss all payment options with our patients on initial consultation meeting so there is no surprise or hidden costs for you at the end.

We welcome you to book an appointment with us at orthodontic experts and get your first free consultation today to discover how we can make this journey affordable and happy for you.


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