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Welcome to the family at Orthodontic Experts Colorado. Patients of all backgrounds and ages are welcome at our practice in Littleton. We use cutting-edge treatment techniques coupled with state-of-the-art technology to customize individual treatment plans. Our orthodontic treatments are efficient and effective which translates directly into savings for you.

Complimentary Orthodontic Consultation.

A complimentary orthodontic consultation is your first step towards a beautiful smile. Your initial visit will include:

  • Review your dental and medical history
  • Get to know you, and find out more about your orthodontic needs and concerns
  • Perform a thorough orthodontic examination and evaluate facial harmony, position and function of the teeth, jaw relationship and health of the jaw joints and facial muscles
  • Determine the need for necessary diagnostic records: radiographs, photographs, and digital 3D models
  • Discuss different orthodontic treatment alternatives(braces, Invisalign, lingual braces, dentofacial orthopedics, orthognathic surgery, etc.) and help you make a decision as to which orthodontic treatment would be best for you.
  • Discuss treatment timing, fee estimates, insurance options and payment options
  • Discuss our office policies.

The next step in your orthodontic treatment is to determine your needs. If your orthodontist determines that you would benefit from orthodontic treatment, we will take a series of pictures, x-rays, and measurements to produce a set of diagnostic records. Orthodontic diagnostic records consist of:

Digital Photographs – facial and bite pictures are taken from different angles to document all the problems and help keep track of treatment efficiency.

Impressions – Impressions of your teeth are taken to make 3D digital models of your teeth. This helps your orthodontist to visualize your bite from various angles.

Digital Panaromic X ray – This is special X rays that is used to visualize all of your teeth, your jaws and your joint in one picture. From the X-ray your orthodontist will determine the condition and position of the teeth and roots, locate missing, extra or impacted teeth, evaluate supporting bone and jaw joints, and rule out any pathology.

Digital Cephalometric X ray – a full skull X-ray of your profile. The X-ray shows the position and relationship between your teeth, jaws and skull. This X-ray is also used to visualize facial harmony and growth pattern.

Cephalometric Measurements – Your Cephalometric X ray will be used to make multiple measurements with a special orthodontic software in our imaging computer. These measurements of your teeth, jaws, and soft tissues enable your orthodontist to finalize an appropriate treatment plan that is fully customized to your specific orthodontic needs, and will yield best functional and aesthetic results.

Placement of your orthodontic appliances

Your orthodontist will craft your appliances (braces, clear braces, lingual braces, expander, etc.) following your visit. On your second visit your appliances will be placed. This procedure typically takes 60-90 minutes and marks the beginning of active orthodontic treatment. The following adjustment visits typically last 20 minutes.

  • Check your orthodontic appliances for wear and breakage
  • Evaluate the progress of treatment and movement of your teeth
  • Change orthodontic wires and elastics
  • Make necessary adjustment to continue treatment progress
  • Check your oral hygiene

Orthodontic Experts Colorado Office Policies

Successful orthodontic treatment depends on your participation and coordination with your orthodontist. Please use the following guidelines when participating in your orthodontic treatment:

  • Keeping all scheduled appointments (missed appointments prolong treatment time)
  • Excellent elastic/removable appliance wear
  • Good oral hygiene and regular dental visits
  • Taking good care of appliances
  • Eliminating foods that break or distort orthodontic appliances
  • Reporting broken or lost appliances promptly
  • Please Note: Orthodontic Treatment Will Be Discontinued Due To Patient Lack Of Participation and Interest In Treatment.


  • Your orthodontic appointment time has been reserved specifically for you. We understand that unexpected events sometimes require missing an appointment. We request that you give us a 48-hour notice to cancel or re-schedule your appointment
  • If an appointment is missed, it is patient’s/parent’s responsibility to contact our office promptly, to schedule a new appointment
  • Appointments are typically scheduled 4-8 weeks apart.
  • In order to provide highest quality orthodontic care, lengthier appointments are scheduled during school/work hours

Dental Care

  • You will need to visit your general dentist for an exam and elimination of cavities and gum disease prior to starting active orthodontic treatment
  • Good oral hygiene and regular dental checkups are essential for successful orthodontic treatment
  • We advise you to see your general dentist every 3-4 month during active orthodontic treatment
  • If you did not have one prior to your orthodontic treatment, we can help you find one

Please notify us if you change dentists during your orthodontic treatment!

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