Cute Braces Colors

Add Some Color To Your Braces

Choosing the Best Braces Colors is good because adding color to your metal braces adds color to your smile. Adding colors to your braces breaks the classic stereotype of traditional, boring, silver metal braces.

Why not add some colors to your braces? After all, you are going to be wearing your braces for a couple of years. There is a wide range of cute Braces colors to choose from. You can choose one color, two colors, or three Braces Band Colors as well.

Some people choose invisible braces but for other patients traditional braces are necessary. A lot of people don’t know about the variety of Braces Band Colors.

Braces colors can turn your smile into a fashion statement or an expression of your personal style which can make a huge difference. 

Cute Braces Colors
The difficult part is choosing the Best Braces Colors, especially if your orthodontist, like orthodontic experts of Colorado offers lots of Braces Color Choices.

How Is Color Added to Braces?

Braces have many parts such as brackets, metal bands, archways and elastics that form around each bracket. Traditional braces are different than clear ceramic braces or Invisalign. Ceramic and Invisalign are discreet options for those who would not like to draw attention to their teeth. The wires and brackets on traditional braces are silver in color, but Braces Band Colors can be changed and any color can be added to the braces by the elastic bands. These elastic bands are changed with your every visit at orthodontic experts of Colorado every 4-6 weeks.

Keeping that in mind, you can switch up your color every time you visit your orthodontist Colorado if you’d like. So, you don’t need to choose only one set of colors for the whole duration of orthodontic treatment. The most common and Cute Braces Colors to choose from are basic colors such as red, orange, gray, blue, green, yellow, purple, pink, silver, gold, and black.

braces color bands

Braces Color Choices

There are multiple braces color options available that will suit your personality and lifestyle. For light skin tone, colors such as bronze, light and dark blue, dark purple and certain tones of red and pink will look desirable and compliment your skin tone. If you have darker skin tones you can consider colors like orange, green, violet, pink, gold, turquoise, and dark blue.

If you use darker Braces Band colors, it will make your teeth appear whiter. But choosing Lighter colors may make your teeth appear more yellow. If you are not satisfied with your initial selection of colors, you can always change your Braces Band colors as the seasons change. For example, Valentine ’s Day Red And Blue Braces, Christmas green and red Braces, Easter Pink And Purple Braces, St. Patrick’s Day green Braces, 4th of July white, Red And Blue Braces, Halloween Pink And Black Braces and so forth.

Are There Braces Colors to Avoid?

At Orthodontic Experts of Colorado, we feel that any Braces Band Colors can be good as long as they are colors that you are happy with. They are just colors and they make us feel one way or another, there is no “right” or “wrong” color.

We often hear bits of advice from patients about one color or another. These are a few things to consider before picking up the Best Braces Colors:

Red Braces

Some patients with red bands said that people would sometimes stop and ask if their gums were bleeding, or what was wrong with their mouth. Red braces look like you have swollen or bleeding comes or ate too much pepperoni pizza. You can mix it up with other colors Red and Blue Braces will look much better.

Dark Green Braces

Darker green bands often get mistaken for a piece of food in your teeth. It gets more embarrassing if you are an adult speaking to a small group, or going for a job interview. You can choose a lighter green or a combination of Blue and Green Braces.

Black and Grey Braces

At Orthodontic Experts of Colorado, we’ve had some patients saying that really dark bands, gray or Black Braces Bands made their teeth look “rotten” from a distance. Wearing Black Braces Bands would be a cool look for around Halloween, but maybe not for the rest of the year.

White Braces

Some patients get white braces bands thinking it will help hide the brackets. But at Orthodontic Experts of Colorado, our patients said this backfires, as the white bands are going to be a more pure white than any naturally occurring teeth no matter how much whitening you’ve done. As a result, your teeth can look even yellow. Darker Braces Band Colors, on the other hand, will make your teeth look whiter.

Cute Braces Colors for Girls

There is no restriction anyone can choose any available colors they want for their braces, naturally. At Orthodontic Experts of Colorado, parents and kids ask us for cute braces colors ideas that show pride in their gender. They are concerned about the braces colors that shout “Girl Power” the most and even females ask for the ideas of Braces Colors for Girls.

Young girls prefer pink and violet/purple, fuchsia because it makes a much more bold statement. It looks great by itself, but you can also choose turquoise or light blue for a really fun look.

Younger Girls are usually drawn to Basic colors, like red, yellow, and blue. Alternating two of these, like red and yellow, are a fun look too.

Let’s Talk About The Best Braces Colors

If you haven’t selected an orthodontist in Colorado yet to help you decide on best options for braces, Invisalign or the Best Braces Colors and Braces Color Combinations, call Orthodontic Experts of Colorado at (719) 596-3138 to set up your first visit.

Our Colorado orthodontist provides patients with straighter teeth and a more attractive smile, not to mention a boost in self-confidence. We aim to make your or your child’s orthodontic experiences pain-free and pleasant from the moment you walk in the door and through every visit till the last day.