Keep Your Brand-New Smile Beautiful with Clear Retainers

Clear RetainersWhen your orthodontist in Colorado has perfected your smile with braces, you’ll likely be given clear retainers to help keep your teeth in their new, straight positions. Clear retainers are thin clear plastic plates similar in construction to a small mouth guard. They are worn while you sleep for about 12 hours a day. Their purpose is to retain your teeth in the current position.

The more you wear your retainers, the less likely it is that your teeth will move back to their previous position. Clear retainers are a great choice for adults because they are less noticeable than other types of retainers.

Types of Clear Retainers

Clear retainers are removable and molded to perfectly fit the new position of your teeth. They’re also known as molded retainers. These retainers are made by creating a mold of the teeth using a very thin plastic or polyurethane.

There are three common types of clear retainers and the main difference in these common brands is the type of plastic material they are made of. The three common brands are Vivera, Essix, and Zendura.

Everything You Need to Know to Care for Your Retainers

Orthodontic treatment is a long and expensive procedure and it takes a long time to get beautiful and straight teeth. To keep your teeth in shape you need to wear a retainer. The plastic part of clear retainers is made of a porous material that can become discolored or smell unpleasant, so keeping your retainers clean and fresh will help you feel more comfortable about wearing it every day. Here’s what you need to know to protect your retainers and maintain that gorgeous grin.

To keep your retainers clean and safe rinse them before you put them in every time and brush and floss your teeth before putting your retainers in. Protect them from the sun, hot cars, and excessive heat and store in a case whenever you’re not wearing them. Soak your retainers in soap and water to get a more thorough clean. Rinse with cold or warm water after cleaning. Don’t use hot water to clean your retainers because high temperatures can damage or discolor them.

Clear Retainers Cost

As there are different types of clear retainers so their prices vary. Essix retainers cost between $100–$250 for one and $200–$500 for two. These retainers are made from a vacuum-sealed clear plastic that is less noticeable. Vivera retainers are made by Invisalign and cost between $300–$750. These costs may vary as well.

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