Carecredit offers high quality orthodontic treatment

Are you suffering from dental problems and worried about the financial cost involved? It’s time to end your worries because orthodontic experts believe that there should be no financial hindrance between a person’s beautiful smile and healthy bite. To make it possible for all the patients who visit our clinic looking for quality orthodontic treatment, orthodontic experts accept all major dental and orthodontic insurance plans including CareCredit annual insurance plans. 


Interest Free and affordable

During your first free consultation, we take digital impressions of your mouth, analyze problems and create customized financial payment plans to make it as much affordable as we can.

Our highly customized affordable payment plans help everyone to get their dream smiles and live a healthy life with confidence.  CareCredit offers no interest payment option if paid full in 6, 12, 18 or 24 months.

Does care credit pay for braces?

Many people wonder, does carecredit cover braces?

Yes, CareCredit can help cover dental care procedures like root canals, implants, caps, crowns and, of course, braces. Many people, adults and children alike, will need corrective orthodontic work to help straighten crooked or misaligned teeth and carecredit for braces is a financial ease for them. This is a large expense that many families would struggle to pay for; if it were not for CareCredit.

care credit pay for braces?

Can you use Carecredit for Invisalign?

Carecredit also covers all the latest orthodontic methods including invisalign and invisalign Kids and you can always get the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted with convenient monthly payment plans as offered by CareCredit for invisalign.

How soon can I use Carecredit?

Once a patient is rewarded with a carecredit credit card, they can use it to pay right away after activation. Which means you can immediately use the CareCredit credit card to pay for all the dental and orthodontic costs not covered by insurance.

The cost of orthodontic treatment does not have to create an undue burden on patients or their families therefore, the CareCredit financing plan for braces acceptable in our clinics to lighten the load by financing repayment over time and the no-interest promotional periods can also help save money. 

Make us a visit today and book your affordable treatment options with us.