Braces Colorado Springs

Braces Colorado Springs

Smile is contagious even with braces

Smile is an expression of your feelings and we believe that feelings should be expressed in true terms. When a beautiful smile can enhance a personality, an affected smile may create a deteriorating impact. Our orthodontist in Colorado Springs work hard to ensure that braces in Colorado Springs contribute to a healthy and confident smile for the wearer.

Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a very well arranged, natural white set of teeth that require less maintenance, a lot of people have to go extra miles to get that natural look. If you are someone who is looking to get a perfect smile, Dr Yaroslav Yarmolyuk works individually with patients to create a comprehensive treatment plan that fits into your lifestyle. Our aim is to make treatment process as convenient as possible for our patients both aesthetically and financially.

Smile is a right for everyone with clear braces in Colorado Springs

As a matter fact, braces are no more what it used to be years ago. Now, you don’t need to feel shy, worried or upset if you need to wear braces to gain a beautiful healthy smile. Technology has changed, methods have it improved, customization is possible and all that has contributed to make the new braces Colorado Springs smoother, comfortable and even less noticeable than earlier.

We deal with patients of all ages. Doesn’t matter if you are a kid, teen or an adult, we have got braces option for everyone. In addition to traditional braces, we now offer a clear braces Colorado springs option for those who are more concerned about their looks with braces on.

Braces types offered at orthodontic experts

No doubt traditional metal braces are the highly visible type of braces in Colorado Springs but still it is considered the most effective to fix and prevent various problems such as Appearance, Teeth Misalignment, Speech Problems, Gum Disease, Jaw Disorders (TMJ), Malocclusion, Spaced Teeth and Crooked Teeth. Metal braces now come with a fun element where kids can customize the color of braces to compliment with their choices.

Clear braces are preferred and most popular usually with adults who cannot afford any change in their personalities during their career. Our orthodontist makes sure that whatever option you choose doesn’t compromise on your self confidence and you receive the highest possible level of treatment quality within your budget.

Customer satisfaction is the key

Our customer’s satisfaction is our main concern. We involve patients in their treatment process guidance since their very first visit to our clinic and keep them guided throughout until the process is completed. We do not end the relationship with our patients with the completion of treatment. We cherish to have long-term and after-treatment relations with our patients and take them as our asset. We strive to go extra miles for our patients to bring the satisfaction with braces treatment they yearn for.

You can get in touch with us to discover your braces options with us and to have a free first consultation by dialing (719) 596-3138 or you can simply talk to our staff by filling a form online and we will be happy to serve you.

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