Bonded Retainer

You might expect that the day when you get your braces removed is the final day to get done with the orthodontic treatment, but unfortunately the reality is a bit different. Orthodontic treatment is not complete without retainers.

Yes, you need to wear retainers to keep the teeth retained in their new position, without which they will start moving back to their original situation.

What Is A Bonded Retainer?

A bonded retainer is a metal wire that is bonded to the back of your upper and lower front teeth. at orthodontic experts, we use this type of retainer more for the lower teeth and occasionally for the upper teeth.

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Why Bonded Retainer Is Important?

In the first few weeks after braces, teeth tend to relapse or move back to where they were originally so, it is important to wear the retainer to hold teeth in their desired position, wearing retainers ensures that the hard work that is put in while wearing braces should not go waste.

Fixed Bonded Retainers Are Ideal For Children

Orthodontists at orthodontic experts use these fixed bonded retainers specifically in the case of child patients because young kids usually do not follow the care instructions properly as advised for the removable retainers. Although, these retainers can also be removed at some point of time to clean the buildup plaque and tartar or due to gum irritation. However, mostly these bonded retainers are left in place indefinitely.

See What Bonded Retainers Has To Offer You

Being placed on the back of the teeth, these bonded lingual retainers are more aesthetically pleasing than any other type of retainers. It does not affect your speech nor can be damaged easily. Since you are always wearing them, there is no chance of loss or misplace.
On the other side, since you can’t remove it, you may find it difficult to maintain your oral hygiene such as flossing which may cause tartar and plaque to build up resulting in gum disease.

Bonded Retainer Cost?

A bonded retainer cost can be $250-$500 for one arch and $500-$1,000 for both upper and lower arches. However, permanent or fixed bonded retainer cost can be quite expensive for some patients but it’s a investment for decades and contributes to your overall well-being so it is worth investing in it.

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Bonded retainer helps to maintain the new position of your teeth as well as preserve the beauty of your smile but not everyone is an ideal candidate for these fixed retainers. so, if you have any doubts if you are a right candidate for these permanent retainers, schedule an appointment in any of our nearest clinic to you with our expert and professional orthodontist who will examine you and provide professional insight on any questions and concerns you may have with your teeth and their treatment.