It is common for people to have faces that are short and round in appearance. This might be due to their malocclusion. Most of them have the aesthetic “grumpy look” even if they do not feel grumpy. Many people with an overbite have temporomandibular joint (TMJ) problems, which can also be reduced or eliminated with surgery. To understand how to fix overbite without braces, you must know what overbite is.

What is an Overbite?

An overbite is the degree of overlap of the upper and lower teeth. An ideal overbite has a degree of overlap that would be about one or two millimeters and it is not regarded as a malocclusion. A deep overbite or a vertical overbite, is approximately four to ten millimeters deep, and it is considered a malocclusion, which requires treatment. When an overbite is deep, the patient’s chin generally is recessive or pushed back by the upper teeth towards the TMJ or jaw joint.

Overbite Correction Treatment Options

Bite adjustment improves the quality of your life. Most people don’t realize that the shape of their face is being determined by their malocclusion or a bad bite. This malocclusion or bad bite can be corrected in many ways. One of the commonly asked question is how to fix overbite without braces? So, here are all the methods of fixing an overbite:

Retainers and Jaw Expanders are Primarily used when treating children.

Orthodontic Braces might not be necessary but with years of experience in treating patients with braces, our orthodontist in Colorado understands the significant benefits of braces and will honestly advise you of your treatment choices.

Jaw Surgery is almost always combined with braces to correct a skeletal overbite, but there are some non-surgical alternatives that should be considered.

Treatment without Braces or Surgery – The one of the ideal treatments for overbite would be without braces, surgery or grinding on your healthy teeth. The best treatment would be non-surgical and non-invasive. By building a new ultra-thin layer of porcelain over the biting surface and the outside surfaces of your teeth, you can get straight white teeth in just a couple of weeks that protects your healthy tooth enamel.

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