Straightening teeth with Invisalign treatment does not merely involve the wearing and removing  clear aligners. For the best results, you will need to know how to clean your Invisalign trays and how to take care of your invisible braces. Your orthodontist has taken scans of your teeth and fitted the first in a series of custom clear Invisalign trays. In just a few months, you’ll be ready to flash that beautiful, straight smile at everyone.

However, you’ll want to know how to clean Invisalign properly. Invisalign clear aligners are manufactured from durable clear thermoplastic material. They are made to withstand the stresses of everyday use. Proper use of this appliance improves both the hygiene factor and prevents product degradation.

Cleaning Invisalign -Aligners with Invisalign Cleaner

Good oral hygiene and proper maintenance are vital for keeping your Invisalign aligners clean, free of odors, and as invisible as they’re designed to be. Even though you remove your Invisalign trays to drink, eat, brush, and floss, if you don’t look after your Invisalign trays, they may discolor and encourage the buildup of bacteria in your mouth.

As per the treatment requirement, you should wear each set of aligners for about two weeks before replacing it with another set. To ensure proper oral hygiene and maintenance of the appliance, clean the aligner before and after use.

Most patients are concerned about how to clean stained Invisalign. Although the invisible aligners are made of stain-resistant material, there are certain types of stains that are very stubborn and require special cleaning methods to get rid of. In such cases, you may soak the aligners for about 20 minutes in a denture cleaning solution.

Clean the Invisalign Trays Twice a Day

You have to wear your aligners for about 20 or more hours a day, so you’ll want to keep them squeaky clean. For sparkling, fresh Invisalign aligners, you should get into the habit of cleaning them twice a day, at the same time as brushing your teeth. You can use an Invisalign cleaner or a home solution and brush the aligners with a soft toothbrush. Remember to rinse them with lukewarm water before popping them back in your mouth.

It is best to give the Invisalign aligners their own toothbrush.  Toothpaste is not recommended for the aligners.  Remnants of toothpaste may remain if you use your regular toothbrush on your Invisalign aligner.

Take Out Aligners When Eating and Drinking

Invisalign clear aligners are replaced every couple of weeks, so they don’t often have the chance to discolor. However, they may still stain, which is why you must take them out before eating and drinking. You can drink cool water with Invisalign on, but avoid fizzy, caffeinated or acidic drinks as they may stain the aligners. Remember to rinse your teeth before putting the aligners back in. Putting clean aligners on dirty teeth will encourage bad odor. Similarly, do not wear dirty aligners on clean teeth.

What NOT to Do While Wearing Invisalign

When it comes down to cleaning Invisalign trays, there are a few things you should not do, like:

  • Use of colored soaps which can add different shades or hues to your trays.
  • Drinking or eating while wearing your aligners. Drinks and foods can discolor and stain the trays, as well as possibly leave unpleasant odors.
  • Leave the Invisalign trays unprotected or exposed when they’re not in your mouth. Besides the risk of losing them, exposed trays are left open to bacteria and germs. Always rinse your trays before putting them to your mouth.
  • Always remember to avoid using heat to help with cleaning Invisalign. Heat can warp the trays.

Finally, when the Invisalign aligners are not in use, you will need to store them in their original casing that comes provided with the system. Remember to keep the case in a cool place and away from the reach of children or pets.

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