At Orthodontic Experts of Colorado one of the very common questions that our patients frequently ask is “how long do braces take?”  One of the simple answers is, it varies from person to person. The length of time you will need to wear braces greatly relies on your circumstances.

Generally, braces have to be worn roughly 18 months to two full years, but there are some cases when braces need to be worn for a longer period. Likewise, there are also cases where people need to wear braces for shorter terms.

What Affects the Length of Orthodontic Treatment?

How long do braces take will depend on your needs the goals of your orthodontist in Colorado. However, your current condition will also affect the length of treatment.

After your braces are taken off, headgear, retainers and some other appliances are also necessary for some patients to consider aside from the braces.

Proper dental hygiene will certainly play a very valuable role in your orthodontic treatment. This conveys that it is essential to carefully adhere to the instructions of your orthodontist in Colorado. By strictly adhering to your orthodontist’s instructions, this may reduce the time the patient needs to continue with treatment.

Not every person wearing braces is a young child or an adolescent. In fact, many people of various genders and ages get orthodontic treatment these days. This is primarily due to fact that a great number of adults want to fix dental issues that were not addressed in adolescence.

The type of braces you choose will also have a huge effect on how long braces take. Ceramic braces are sturdy and better in appearance. However, these are worn for longer period than traditional metal braces.

Apart from types of braces you choose, the length of braces will rely on your age at the time of treatment. Studies reveal that the earlier you get braces, the faster the orthodontic treatment will be.

The good news is that it is possible to reduce the length of treatment. Carefully following the advice of you orthodontist in Colorado regarding proper oral hygiene and care for braces can help.

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Since, how long do braces take totally varies person to person, proper diagnosis and a dental check-up at Orthodontic Experts of Colorado will be necessary as our Orthodontist can thoroughly examine the condition of your teeth and determine the length of your treatment. If you have crooked teeth and are looking for a beautiful and straight smile then contact us now to schedule a free consultation with one of our orthodontists in Colorado.