One of the frequently asked questions at orthodontic experts of Colorado is “do braces move your teeth every day?”

Your teeth gradually shift to the desired position. The change in position is very minor which can be noticed on daily basis. Your teeth are moved by design and there are bio-mechanics that dictate how your teeth will begin to shift into their new positions. It needs a step-wise approach, allowing the adequate amount of time for the movement to set properly.

Your teeth movement requires the bone to be broken down on the side the tooth, which is being pulled towards and then to be grown on the side of the tooth, which holds it in its new position.

When Will the Change in My Teeth Become Noticeable?

There are several factors that affect the rate at which your teeth will start to shift. The reason being is because your treatment schedule is set according to your individual requirements.

On an average your total estimated time in braces will be between 18 and 24 months. During that time, you can start to notice the changes in your teeth’s appearance after at least four weeks from being bonded. However, two or three months the average expectation is to see clear changes.

Why Does It Take This Long?

Your teeth are straightened incrementally on daily basis using varied forces, to maximize movement in the shortest period of time. Basically, your teeth are aligned as quickly as possible without doing it too quickly—both of which have their potential downsides.

If the movement of your teeth is too slow, it can result in the root resorption. If you try it too quickly, it might cause greater discomfort and the supporting bone won’t have enough time to grow the bone for proper support.

The Magic of Braces

Braces are incredible! You can get a breathtaking smile with just a little time and effort and knowing more about why braces move your teeth every day. Remember, listen to your orthodontist in Colorado, don’t skip your appointments and be patient. All your hard work is about to pay off, and you’ll be on your way to achieve a spectacular smile.

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