Selfie Time - Orthodontic Experts

Did you know that taking a selfie is considered an art form? One of the few people actually has mastered it. Most people have to take hundreds of selfies before they find out one that they actually truly love and want to post all over social media so all their family and friends can see it! 

Here are some tips from your Colorado Orthodontist for taking the perfect selfie every single time you snap a shot.

Take a look in the mirror before you snap a photo

Make sure that every piece of hair is in place and your clothes are properly arranged before you take the first picture. We’ve all opened up the camera before, taken a picture, and only to realize that our hair is a mess or our clothes are out of place. If you remember this, you will have a great photo to take with your selfie stick. 

Pick a good background

The background is so important just like your amazing smile with our Invisalign braces in Colorado. If there are other people in the background, you might find your camera focusing on their faces instead of yours, which will leave it very blurry. Also, you can’t have the background too busy as you will find yourself all drowned out. A background that is neutral is always better. Any location that you choose to take the selfie that is uncluttered will be the ideal spot for the photos.

Hold still

Did you know that when the FIRST cameras were invented, everyone would have to sit still for upwards of a minute in order to get a clear picture. Yep, that is correct! That is why sitting still and showing off your wonderful clear Invisalign smile is so important when taking photos!

Bring a friend

Friend love photos, so pull your best friend to the side to take a selfie with. I bet you that they will say yes!

Be confident

If you’re not confident in your pose this will translate into your picture. So, always remember to be 100% confident in your photos because your Colorado Invisalign smiles will come along way!

If you’ve taken photos after photos and you’re still not sure then change it up and take a silly face. These photos are always the best in humor and everyone LOVES them!

Try Invisalign treatment in Colorado if you want to show off that clear beautiful smile during your next photoshoot! Any of our Colorado orthodontists would be happy to help you.

As always, Orthodontic Experts is here to help you bring your beautiful smile to life! Call us at (719) 596-3138 or visit us at if you have any questions!